Who We Are

Beni Swef Organic Fertilizer Company – AGRN   it is one of the Egyptian companies involved in the development of the organic fertilizer industry (Compost) and was founded in 2009 as one of the largest companies in the production of all kinds of compost, The company keeps up with every development in agriculture and makes sure that it takes the lead. The company keeps pace with the development in the field of agriculture and is keen to be at the fore in this field, so it hastened the establishment of a factory in Beni Suef Governorate, with a production capacity of 30,000 tons / year of flower compost (100% vegan), produced from the finest types of waste from medicinal and aromatic plants and a factory in Sharkia Governorate, with a production capacity of 70,000 tons/year of compost mix (vegetable/animal), which is produced from the finest types of animal manure in order to provide the consumer with the best types of compost under the supervision of an elite of the best consultants.

Our Vision

To be the pioneers of the organic fertilizer industry in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, in order to achieve excellence and innovation in producing the best quality and most competitive compost at competitive prices and to obtain the highest market value for quality, price and post – sale services.


Our Goals

  1.  protection of the environment and safe disposal of plant and animal residue.
  2. contribute to the solution of soil problems arising from the overuse of chemical fertilizers.
  3.  the production of the best compost, (vegan, vegan and animal, garbage) which fits the nature and climate of the Egyptian territory. .
  4. Competition for other products and high-quality market share in the Egyptian market

Our Message

Is to protect the environment and preserves it by safely disposing of plant and animal waste so we create organic compost that is safe and free of nematodes, grass and parasites so that the investor and the farmer can export and penetrate the markets of the Arab and European countries which comes back to him and the country with profit. 

Our Products

Safe Healthy Organic 100%

Compost Al Zahra

Compost Al Zahra is 100% vegetable compost produced from the compost of medicinal and aromatic wastes

compost mix
animal manure +rice straw

It is a mixture of compost resulting from compost and fermentation of plant and animal waste

rubbish waste compost

It is a compost resulting from the compost of organic waste resulting from sorting urban waste

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to fill out the inquiry form. We are pleased to study your request and respond to you as soon as possible.

Our Customers

Our customers trust us for the best services and products